Hey there big guy

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Hey there big guy

Starring: Holly Parker
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: 34 min
Size: 940mb

Hey there big guy, it's trans doll Holly Parker again. So are you ready for our hot date tonight? What do you want to do, go to a movie? Dinner? Dancing? What? You're too tired?!? Well how about I just put on a sexy little show for you instead. All you have to do is sit there and play with yourself. But you're not allowed to touch, ok? I might let you see my perky titties if you're really nice to me. Then maybe I'll let you get a closer look at my juicy t-pussy. It's so wet thinking about you. You want me to fuck you just like this don't you? Too bad! You're not allowed to touch, you naughty boy. You'll have to just sit there and watch me fuck myself with this big dildo instead. You can watch me stroke my big cock and finger my tight hole 'til I'm ready to slide this toy deep in. Then you can imagine me sucking your big dick while I'm sucking on another huge dildo. When it's time for me shoot a big creamy trans girl load, I'm not going to let you taste it either. I'm going to lick up all that yummy goodness myself. Well thanks for the date, I'm going to bed while you sleep on the couch. Cum fuck me in the morning!

Hey there big guy



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