Sex Crazed Shemales 5 (2008)

Sex Crazed Shemales 5 (2008)
Sex Crazed Shemales 5 (2008)

Starring: Santos Andre, Thalyta Frenezl, Pamela Araujo, Andrew Dumont, Marcela Rezende, Hyago Ribeiro
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2008
(976.9 Mb)

Pamela is a mocha goddess with nice big tits n' ass, and an even bigger cock! She moans real sexy while fucking her stud boy in his pink ass! Amazing cum shot as Pamela shoots nut all on her luscious tits while dude yanks dick pellets on her big DD's! Thalyta is a super young tranny, with petite frame and big booty and cock. She squeels with delight when her ass gets pile driven! Awesome cum shot dripping all on her hot ass crack and balls! Marcela is a hard jawed beauty with big tits ripped abs and hard candy! She loves having her bitch boy ride atop her hard womanhood! Nice joint jerk off with both shooting creamy loads on each other!

Sex Crazed Shemales 5 (2008)

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