Trisexual Encounters 3 (1987)

Trisexual Encounters 3 (1987)Trisexual Encounters 3 (1987)

Trisexual Encounters 3 (1987)

Starring: Ann Taussie, Dana Douglas, Lois Ayres, Lolita, Monica Lucas, Patti Petite, Vanessa Burlie.
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 1987
(276.9 Mb)

Michelle is your hostess with the mostess (between her silky legs) for the third exciting volume of Trisexual Encounter. This dramatically different video series explores the fascinating, sensual third world of erotica, where exotic shemales demonstrate their bizarre sexuality in explicit detail.

Trisexual Encounters 3 (1987)

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