She-Male Sperm Whores 6 (2003)

She-Male Sperm Whores 6 (2003)She-Male Sperm Whores 6 (2003)

She-Male Sperm Whores 6 (2003)

Starring: Dana Douglas, Summer St. Cerly
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2003
(476.9 Mb)

These fully spermatic She-Male beauties are highly sought by cum-guzzling freaks! With big luscious tits and squeaky tight ass-pussies, these man-made creations are designed for total pleasure with the extra added bonus of big, squirting she-cocks, spraying she-seed on the faces and ass-cunts of the men and women who worship them.

She-Male Sperm Whores 6 (2003)

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