Transsexual Nurses 8 (2011) - TS Veronica Luana

Transsexual Nurses 8 (2011) - TS Veronica LuanaTranssexual Nurses 8 (2011) - TS Veronica Luana

Transsexual Nurses 8 (2011)

Starring: Veronica Luana Valera Isabella Ariel Everitts
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2011

Lets say you visit the clinic for a regular check up and the nurse that starts to undress you is a fucking knockout! Beautiful, built with boobs practically bursting out of her uniform, and an ass to die for. But when she begins to pull off your pants, she gives your cock a knowing tug, then a stroke because now its hard as a rock. And then you see something just as hard, HER cock! You've just crossed over to the Tranny Zone, and its going to get really nasty, really quick. And you're both going to love it, from the deep warm sucking to the even deeper and tighter ass fucking. Transsexual Nurses are actually better than doctors because they know what you need. MORE TRANNYS!

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