Transsexual Teens 6 (2011)

Transsexual Teens 6 (2011)Transsexual Teens 6 (2011)

Transsexual Teens 6 (2011)

Starring: Amanda, Renata, Yadi, Natalia, Melanie, Karen Thompson
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2011
(776.9 Mb)

I guess I knew all along that I was different than the other guys. Sure I had a big cock, they were all envious of that. But I just loved the way girls looked, with their slinky sexy bodies that begged for sex. I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to have big boobs that jiggled and a secret surprise between my legs that would drive boys mad with lust. So I did it! And now I AM a girl! That is until I get some lucky guy up in my room and show him what my big dick can do to his tight asshole. And vice versa, mmmmmm!

Transsexual Teens 6 (2011)

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