Blonde Girls With Big Dicks (2007)

Blonde Girls With Big Dicks (2007)Blonde Girls With Big Dicks (2007)

Starring: Kim Christy
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2007
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Everybody loves a beautiful blonde she-male, and Kim Christy has a stable of them. Whore-ish ones that do nasty stuff for no pay at all, good girls down on their luck that consented to let us film them, and amazing she-males that pass everyday on the street, and nobody knows the size of those thick juicy cocks and balls they are packing down their lacy underthings. These 'girls' take it up the ass because thay have no pussies. They suck the loads out of normal men's cocks because they need sperm to survive. And they turn regular straight guys into anal slaves with their ass-fucking techniques. Blondes rule, just ask Kim!

Blonde Girls With Big Dicks (2007)

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