Where My Wang Go (2011)

Where My Wang Go (2011)Where My Wang Go (2011)

Where My Wang Go (2011)

Starring: May, Maya, Jib, Yella
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2011

Cover girl Yelly looks like a super model. She is tall and slanky, with long legs, pretty eyes, puffy lips, and now a fully functional slice too. Yelly used to be packing some heat but now can only fantasize about what she used to have to jack off with. Her surgery went well, and Allen is fascinated with the whereabouts of her former penis parts. Yelly has all natural tiny tits with budding nipple tips and with the exception of a few scars, her 7 incher has folded nicely into a fully functional fuck hole. She sucks Allans cock and rims his ass and nut bag too before laying back and taking a couple of Allens fingers, tongue and finally his shaft up inside her factory fresh fuck hole. Allen hard plunges her man-made slice until it turns red and raw, pulling out and ripping off a fat sticky one in her mouth. She oozes it all out and down her chin as it foams up forming a classic cum beard.

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