TV Phone Sex (1992)

TV Phone Sex (1992)TV Phone Sex (1992)

TV Phone Sex (1992)

Starring: Buffy
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 1992

From one TV to another, only the fabulous Ch-Chi LaRue could create such a fantasy that borders on reality. Our star, the ever-enticing Buffy, has a phone sex line, and this particular evening she gets a call from one of her biggest fans, played by mischievous and well-hung Keith Michaels. As he watches her videotape and drools over her magazine layout, he can hardly keep himself from exploding, as he is actually talking to the star of his dreams. As an extra-added bonus, Miss Buffys two lovely partners in sex come on to the scene, just to make things hotter, wetter, and harder than they already are. These chicks with dicks really know how to please each other. as well as their hot-line pal.



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